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Art . Colors . Jewish tradition

" A work of art connects us to our cultural,historical and jewish roots

through ideas that are presented in an aesthetic way.

High-quality artistic painting creates an uplifting and energetic atmosphere,

 gives a positive feeling and connects the viewer to sublime values ​​subconsciously. "

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For the last 18 years,i creat jewish art, both oil paintings with jewish narratives in a variety of techniques and styles,

as well as magnificent art - pieces of Jewish art on parchment.

through the creation process,

i combine worlds of Jewish content, meaning and personal outlook

with knowledge of international artistic culture and modern professional tools, so i can create a work

rich in meaning and aesthetics alike. 

Painting Supplies


 Shully's works not only testify her abilities as an artist,

they also reflect her knowledge of traditional parchment illustration techniques, techniques that have unfortunately almost forgotten.

In this sense, Shully is another link in a glorious chain of illustrators of the Hebrew manuscripts

 Dr. Ido Lahav-Noy
Hebrew university, Jerusalem

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