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   " Shully Ratson’s artwork displays a wide range of new materials that are indicating
an exploration of new paths and creation in Jewish art,

while building upon and acknowledging past traditions and artistic styles

that are enhancing her work, she provides enjoyment to the viewers  "

 " The judaica art of Shully Ratzon
Prof. Shalom Sabar, Hebrew University

Shully Ratzon

I've been making Jewish art for over 18 years, both oil paintings with jewish narratives in a variety of techniques and styles,as well as my "magnificent art" colletion- pieces of Jewish art on parchment.

I combine worlds of Jewish content,meaning and my own personal outlooks in my works,combined with global artistic culture and modern professional tools, which allows me to create a work rich in meaning and aesthetics alike.

I believe that a good work of art for not only consist of professional design or rich colors, but also has a strong message and creates a unique atmosphere in the space in which it is located while directly affecting the emotion and energy of the people around it.
I aspire that everyone will find a painting that speaks to them,

their values​, as well as provide a strong and powerful expression in their space.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-22 at 22.27.08.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-05-22 at 22.24.52.jpeg

World-views and values have always been the basis for every good work of art. They always took part in transmitting influence and message in a visual format for thousands of years.
A work of art connects us to our cultural,historical and jewish roots through ideas that are presented in an aesthetic way.
In an age where the possibility of creation is available to all, and quantity outweighs quality,I strive to create a work that is based on an academic background that we inherited from previous cultures like the Baroque and Renaissance as well as

prominent modern artists. 

High-quality artistic painting creates an uplifting and energetic atmosphere, gives a positive feeling and connects the viewer to sublime values ​​subconsciously.


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